POE 3.3 Flashback Ranger Build | 15-20mil Shaper DPS

This build continues to be a piece happening and I’ll keep changes it as being I play. However, the concept continues to be the same. Plenty of Dex = Plenty of Damage

This build wasn’t really viable pre 3.2. But it is now comparable otherwise much better than windripper/doomfletch. Why?

The treatment depends on your bow. Farrul’s was things I began with. It is good in case your bow has low crit(sub 7). Devoto’s and Starkonja’s are goods choices. Obscurantist or simply an uncommon helm is going to do fine too. For enchants, 1 barrage for single target and 2 Tornado Shot for obvious are nice although not needed.

POE 3.3 Flashback Ranger Build 15-20mil Shaper DPS

For body armors, there’s some option. Perfect form for a mixture of defense and offense. Wildwrap for pure offense. Or perhaps a rare elder chest for additional crit to exchange Farrul’s:


With Lioneye’s Fall: http://poeurl.com/bPTb
W/o Lioneye’s: http://poeurl.com/bPTd

Pierce, Tailwind, Accuracy, Bleed

This is for the no Lioneye’s Fall tree

Part one: http://poeurl.com/bQbW

Part Two: http://poeurl.com/bQb4

Part Three: http://poeurl.com/bQb7

Part Four: http://poeurl.com/bQb6

Final: http://poeurl.com/bQb8

Bandits and Pantheon


Brine King


So there’s going to be lots of variations depending on your gear. My links are:

[Barrage]-[Inc Crit]-[Cold Pen]-[Ele Damage to Attacks]-[Elemental Focus]-[Inc Crit Damage]

[Lightning Arrow]-[Greater Multiple Proj]-[Inc Crit]-[Ele Damage to Attacks]-[Mirage Archer]-[Ice Bite]

Particularly, the Corporation Crit and Corporation Crit Damage could be exchanged for additional cold based on your crit/multi-levels. You’ll have to adjust in PoB. I favor Ice Bite within my LA since I can’t stand using bloodstream rage.

For auras
Current Setup:
HoI-Blasphemy-Proj Weakness-Aspect of the Spider

There are hardly any auras the are super advantageous, so if you’re missing in res, you can make use of a wholesomeness. You will need a 20%quality HoI without a doubt but other auras are personal preference.

I have my standard blink arrow setup

Build Advice and Budgeting

For those despairing about the bow price – just play without it.

1) you need to get an excellent couple of rolls on a single to really make it really considerably much better than, for instance, a Windripper (I am still running my Windripper for T10-T12 farming atm since it is like 90% from the damage with my average Dex bow ( has formed crit roll and crafted is, and that is it).

2) the costs on their behalf atm are definitely not appropriate. Particularly if you are searching for that Shaper mod itself, individuals are overpricing because many have recognized the possibility now, however, I repeat – you’ll need a really GOOD bow with this mod to become really much better than uniques.

3) the main from the build may be the quiver and yet another uniques/stat rares supporting it. This is where a lot of the damage originates from, a Shaper’s bow is only the 100% optimal bow for this, although not necessary whatsoever to obtain began and farm red maps easily!

An indicator regarding how to progress this build on your own products:

-Grab a properly-folded Hyrri’s Bite base (they’re absolutely very inexpensive, I received my 95% perfect folded one for like 1 alch the other day, they still start at like 1 chrome now), obtain the prediction and upgrade it when you are able, that is much, less expensive than obtaining a well-folded Demise.

– Using the quiver in hands now you can carry the next 2 products out there which will considerably enhance the build: Astramentis and Cylopean Coil. Bad rolls choose about 15-20c/1 alch correspondingly, good rolls 20-25 c/5-10c correspondingly. Not so costly, and no small investment in early stages.

– Next steps next: Mind and Bow. For headpieces there are lots of options, an inexpensive and great one is really a high Dex roll Starkonja. But you may also simply decide on a good rare with a lot of Dex, Existence and a few resistances, can make your existence a little simpler in early stages to balance them, and transition afterward if you have the PoE Currency for excellent res rings/boots.

For that Bow, you are able to pick a variety of unique versions before taking a Shaper’s. Nuro’s, any high elemental damage bow, Windripper all work fine, should you alter the develop a bit around to seize more phys conversion (for example Winter Spirit) you are able to roll having a Phys base too, just like a Lioneye’s or Death’s Opus. Them assists you simply fine until well into late yellow/early red maps as lengthy while you build appropriately on their behalf.

– Last 2 major upgrades before taking a Shaper’s: Mitts and Lioneye’s Fall/jewels.

Oskarm is excellent but relatively costly – as continues to be stated before, within this post, Fenumus’ Weave is a very great cheap alternative, particularly if you currently have decent crit!

Your last step after this ought to be to check out your jewels, once you are within the 80s and maxing your skill points gradually, you need to optimize the thing you need on individuals slots. Lioneye’s Fall if you’re able to afford it (otherwise, just alter the build as Pasta indicated, it isn’t a significant difference). existence/resistances/damage since you need them.

In the end, this is accomplished you ought to have spent…maaaaybe 5-6 exalted orb poe tops and also the build can sleepwalk through T10-T13ish approximately maps.

I have presently got everything setup with higher-ant rolls as well as an Oskar/Starkonja and clearing having a Windripper on the 4l (!) without any problems whatsoever in T12 maps at this time (oneshotting on obvious with LA), even though running Wholesomeness/HoI, so only one damage aura, with no Brawn jewels or damage increases, just res/existence.

NOW you can start searching at grabbing a great Formed bow base (ilvl 75 optimally) and begin crafting, or conserve to purchase a properly-folded one. Not to begin with.

A great bow will probably be your greatest investment as well as the greatest upgrade for endgame – but it is not needed whatsoever to work!

In the finish, during the day there are just a couple of products which are mandatory for that build, as Pasta has stated in the OP quite clearly – Hyrri’s, AStramentis, Cyclopean. The remainder is actually as much as what you could afford and just how you POB yourself to it.


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